Eye Surgery Center vanak

The Vanak Eye Specialist Centre was established by a group of eye specialists in December 2001, and now more than 120 ophthalmologists (including shareholders and guests), all of whom are eye experts in the country, are collaborating with the Center. And they carry out their surgeries by taking advantage of the modern facilities and professional staff of this center.

The center's clinic building is divided into 5 floors:
- First floor : Reception - optometry section - Paraclinic section
- Second floor: Laser section Including laser eximer section - Retinal laser section (Green and red diode laser) - Crossover - Angiography
- Third floor: operating chambers consisting of 4 operating rooms equipped for different eye surgeries
- 4th floor: Hospital area consisting of 15 active beds for admission to patients with the best facilities
- 5th floor: accounting department - warehouse – sanatorium

All of these facilities are combined with expert doctors and experienced staff to provide patients with the best eye care services, and with the help of all those responsible and devoted to various types of eye surgery, a brief description of their importance is given below. It is done at the center. Includes: Cataract in modern method (FIKO), Lasik, LASIK, PRK, insertion of intraocular lens phakic IOL, vitrectomy, buckling, laser jag, retinal lasers, strabismus, duct surgery and lacrimal sac, glaucoma (black water) , Corneal transplantation, cosmetic and eye surgery (blepharoplasty and ptosis), ocular prosthesis, fistula and other eye surgery.


  • Address :Tehran - Vank Square - Haqani Road - After South Gandhi Street - No. 50
  • Tel : ۸۸۸۷۴۳۹۴(021)-7 98+